I’m a part of Gen-Z, and in case you haven’t heard, Generation Z is not great at face-to-face communication. The irony is that I believe our generation has an abnormally caring heart for people- on average probably even more than past generations. Time and time again our generation is quick to talk about a new trend or popular person as if they knew them… deeply.

At its surface it may seem like a bad thing that all these “young folks” are being “influenced” by people who are “talking to a screen” for a living. Notice what I did there? I used three common phrases that have grown to imply negative connotations, but have you thought about how we could give those words positive connotations? We as young people have allowed ourselves to ONLY see the negative connotation and take that to heart which simply poured fuel on the flame of cancel culture. 

As I was thinking about this dilemma today I came to realize that maybe the key to it all is forgiveness mixed with a little bit of optimism. We as a generation are more than capable of both, but we stop ourselves from partaking so that we can hold our grudges, but I encourage anyone reading to think a little bigger… think about what would happen if we dropped our grudges, our phones, and our fear of face to face interaction and came together as a generation to be known for so much more. 

It wouldn’t take a lot of money, resources, or special connections. The beauty of it all is that YOU are the only person required for a change to happen. The person reading these words right now. You have the ability to forgive. You have the strength to present your ideas in person. You have the choice to make yourself known as a Gen-Z’er that went against the status quo in hopes of creating a more beautiful world. 

Don’t give up quite yet. There’s a good ol’ cardboard package that contains hope, all it needs is a delivery driver to bring it outside.

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