Got questions? Look no further! I've compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers, so that we can get one step closer to bringing your vision to life. 

Where are you located?

CLICKTA is based in music city Nashville, TN. I work with clients all over the USA - offering dope photographs for whatever crazy project you have in mind. 

What’s your availability?

Every season is different. Shoot me an email, and we can go from there!

What file type do you provide deliverables in?

All photos are delivered in high-quality .JPG format. GIF/Motion pieces are delivered as either a .MP4 or .MOV file because their optimized for most online platforms.

Are you willing to travel to where we’re at?

I’ll throw my camera and laptop at a wall so that it ricochets, lands in a packed suitcase, and is ready to go. In other words- yes!

What do you charge? 

What I charge is calculated on a sliding scale simply because the scope of what’s being done matters. 

Pricing on a sliding scale allows me to work with both larger and smaller clients and account for the largely varied needs and usage. All of it catered to your specific budget. 

Quality over quantity is king. 

How did you get started?

I think the super photographer Peter Parker put it best: ”Uh... Work out... Plenty of rest... You know, eat your green vegetables…”. 

The real answer is that CLICKTA started from pure hobbyist passion. As a kid it filled my creative soul, and it still does. If I shut the business down today, I’d still pick up my camera and take photos. To me, the answer to “Would you do this if you never made money again?” is what separates the true artists from the average ones.

How quick will I get photos?

Post production (all the processing after the shoot) for photos typically ranges between 1-3 weeks, depending on the scope of the project, quantity of images, and complexity of editing. Turnaround for animation pieces may take longer.

Expedited post production may be available upon request- but this is super dependent on availability. Let’s chat about your timeline and we’ll work something out!

What's Your Editing Style? 

My bread and butter is creating spectacular, etherial, and creative imagery. Check out the example below to see for yourself! 



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I would love to provide you with answers! Feel free to fill out a contact form or call me directly.




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