Events, whether it be a concert, a conference, or a festival, hold a special place in the heart of the community, which is exactly why it’s important to capture it in a way that teleports people back to those beautiful moments.

The moments only happen once, so I make it a point to always be anticipating the decisive moment so that the moment can live in history forever. If you want your impact on the community to be magically remembered, look no further. 

This collection features a variety of my favorite event photos that truly capture those one of a kind people in their one-of-a-kind moments. 

Dream with me here for a second…

You are at a concert, standing in the front row, waiting for your favorite artist. On your right and on your left are your two best friends, waiting in anticipation for the moment where that artist will come out on stage. Suddenly the moment is upon you. Dopamine rushing through your veins as the floor begins to shake, the drums begin to swell, and the crowd begins to roar… louder… and louder. 

What happens after THAT moment is a moment worth capturing. It has value to the performer, it has value to the audience, and most of all it has value to the patron.



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