Hey! I’m Cole Plichta, the founder of CLICKTA. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, I specialize in photographing for creative brands, events, and musicians. 

Working with me means that you get to dream big. The sky is the starting line, not the limit, when it comes to what we can create. Oftentimes brands will compromise on their vision for the sake of convenience. I aim to create collaborative solutions to the visual needs of anyone who works with me.

Since using a camera for the first time in 2013, I've been passionate about depicting the emotional variety that we as people experience.

Not many people see photography like a hero's origin story, but then there’s me. I began taking photos as a kid who could not get enough of the legendary photographer, Peter Parker. Photography became my “superhero activity”. As it turns out, some things never change, because nine years later I’m here pursuing a career that revolves around creating spectacular images just like the friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

I’m an alum of Rocky Mountain School of Photography, where I learned what it takes to be a professional photographer. While in school, I realized that, no matter what, every project comes with its own set of obstacles. That discovery led me to  realize that the thing that separates stunning photos from nice photos is the photographer’s ability to create in-spite of challenges.

I look at and listen to everything I encounter, ready to overcome any challenge, allowing me to produce imagery that emotionally connects with audiences in a way that taps into a multi-sensory dreamworld. I guess you could say that this has kind of become my super power.

So, if you're ready to elevate your brand, let's chat and start creating moments together.




(615) 981-9615

Nashville, TN

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J. Halstead - Musician

Sylvia Snyders - Influencer

Barsnetti- Musician

Zach Williams- Musician

Fluerie- Musician

Alecia Castro- Influencer

Stephen Curtis Chapman - Musician

CLAYTON- Musician

Reid Zingale- Musician

NYZE- Musician

Socrates - Musician

The Record Shop- Recording Studio


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