The Blessing/Curse of Full Circles

The Birth of a Goal
We set goals for ourselves from a young age, but not only that. Other people set them for us. When the baby will walk, when the interview will land the first job, when the fame is going to kick in. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with goals themselves or the act of setting them for yourself and the people you are responsible for. What people don’t talk about it sometimes how long those goals take to accomplish and the emotional toll it can take on a person if that goal is not kept in check. 

The Emotional Goal-a-coaster
Setting a big goal with a deadline is good right? Telling yourself that thing that you so deeply want is going to happen on an exactly predictable timeline. It makes things easy. Unfortunately I think the norm of how we’ve been setting our goals wrong. Goals with deadlines and no wiggle room allow for a high risk of disappointment. That disappointment is one of the few things that can/will stop you from reaching your goal.

How Do We Fix This Problem.
I’d like to tell you a story of something that happened to me this month to help lead you to a solution. For this story to make sense we have to go back to where my creative passion for shooting music arose- at a small(ish) concert venue for a Christian rapper named Andy Mineo. I didn’t know Andy personally, yet it was quite the opposite. He was a person I had 0 connection to, but felt weirdly connected to through the beautiful thing we call music. I guess you would simply call that being a “fan”. The interesting thing about that show is that although I came for the music I left wanting the career. 

I’ll never forget seeing a photographer shoot that show and thinking to myself, “If that’s a job- I want it.” So do you know what I did? I left that venue and started talking to as many people I could about how I could maybe one day have a career like that for myself. I started setting what I like to call “no end date” goals. Goals that are a priority because they stem from passion. Goals that look more like direction, than perfection. 

I’m pleased to inform you that this month I was able to shoot Andy at the biggest arena in the state of Tennessee. You may be thinking to yourself- “What in the world did he do to get in there to shoot that show?”. The real answer is nothing in particular. I simply chased the one baby step at a time with a general goal to shoot bigger and better things and provide value to everyone I touch. Naturally… it ended up putting me in arena that I’ve been wanting to shoot in since day one, but never set a date to shoot in. 

Deadlines Aren’t Always Your Friend.
I tell you all this not to brag. It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s to tell you that your work in the quiet, in the unseen, in the shadows… that is the driving force of what’s going to get you to your goals. Time and time again. Mixing humility with drive is a deadly combo that’ll leave you reaching every single goal you’ve ever had. The true key to getting there is also enjoying what you have. Don’t take your current season for granite. It’s beautiful in it’s own way, so don’t forget to look for it.  

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