Leaves Are Changing

What makes this time of year scary? Is it the fall breeze in the air? Strangers handing you candy? Or is it the fact that this season represents change? 

Wether we know it or not change makes us all uncomfortable. As creatives we desperately rely on routine, normalcy, and predictability to be comfortable. The next album needs to drop on time, the photoshoot must go “as planned”, the art piece needs to show pure perfection, and the list goes on.

This month I was reminded of just how important it is to change where we are located, and step out of our normal routine. Personally I’ve been running around 24/7 to make sure my business grows by constantly posting on socials, thinking up new marketing techniques, and getting coffee with potential clients. Those activities are all good things that need to be happening, but for the first time in two months I decided to take a chill pill for a day and spend a few hours of it to watch “Loki”. (Incredible show btw)

Somewhere along the line I forgot the importance that stopping for a minute to watch a show or playing video games had in my life.

To My Friends Reluctant to Pick Up a “Controller” 

Stopping to take a break and do the things you enjoy outside of work (Yes, even if you enjoy your job) is what fuels your creativity and keeps in the game for the long term. Just like in sports, if you don’t hydrate… you “diedrate” if you catch my drift. What I’m not saying is “be lazy more often”. I’m saying that feeding your creativity requires rest in the seemingly “unproductive” tasks. 

Let’s Normalize Changing Gears

Changing gears (whatever that means to you) is how we sustain creativity as opposed to burning it. The beauty of creativity is that there’s an endless supply. Consider putting aside the “Gary Fee” hustle every now and then so that you can hop back into it twice as strong. Go make November productive!

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